Resume Database is a free, more PRIVATE method to make your resume available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Many subscription based websites claim to post (for a fee) your resume on multiple Internet job sites in order to "make your resume available to the most number of hiring managers."

Well, think about it. In today's climate of identity theft, phishing attacks, and malware, do you REALLY want to post your personal information everywhere for anyone to see? I doubt it!

Just upload your resume in pdf format, select your personal and unique ResumeID number, and as soon as your resume is reviewed for posting, you will be able to give only the individuals you select access to your resume. Or you may make your resume "Public", in which case it will be featured in our Resume Gallery for all to see!

Are you still worried about the privacy of your personal information? Then all you need to do is submit a resume WITHOUT your name or contact info (you might even omit company names but just leave job titles), and we will anonomously foward to you any contact inquires your resume may elicit.

Try it now! Just submit your resume and the next time you are giving your "Elevator Pitch" regarding your qualifications, just tell them to go to and enter your ResumeID to see your resume! Bam! Immediate gratification!

Good Luck!

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